Sat. May 28th, 2022

My entire existence has been completely outclassed by one particular question, “How did all of this begin”? By all of this I of course am referring to our entire universe. I have pondered this question for over 25 years, and I am 31 yrs . old now. Science was always the best subject. when i was growing up. I used to spend hours in high school discussing my own thoughts and concepts with my science teachers after school. I continued to do so even when I attended the University. I learned the three most popular and accepted concepts of the day. ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา The most popular that is the Big Bang Theory. The only credit I am ready give the Big Bang Theory is that it is possible, however; improbable it may be. What keeps the Big Bang Theory alive is that there seems to be scientifically proven evidence that points to it as the one and only explanation. I would state that all of the identical evidence that web supports the Big Bang may support other speculation. The one keeping point for me is the “Before Period”. What existed before the singularity exploded? Where did all of that energy come from? We are talking, after all, about all of the energy contained within all of the matter in the universe; as well as all the free energy seeing this expanse. The Oscillating Universe Theory is nice, but it suffers the same problem; assuming there ever actually was a beginning. If the universe has always existed then it is a credible theory. The same is valid for the Steady State Universe Theory. The notion that the universe has always existed, and will always exist as it has forever and ever. The only change in this model is the ranges between galaxies, and other objects increases with new matter being created; so that the universe continues to look the same in all directions The big problem with this theory is that we know the universe is not unchanging. It is broadening and does change. We know that stars be all over, exhaust their fuel and fade away, or break themselves on to a singularity. This universe we live in is a very dynamic place. Galaxies conflict, solar systems conflict, planets and moons, and a whole host of objects can demolish into one another at at any time. All of it dancing to the gravitational music of the heavens. All of which points to certainly not a state.

What I am about to propose in this paper is an idea that I have dwelled upon for years. It is a theory i always believe in, and has helped me come to a better understanding of our universe. It also goes beyond the keeping point of, “What came before”. In my opinion there are only two current concepts that will make sense. There is my theory of the nothing universe and there is the theory of God. No matter how hard I sheet my brain I just now cannot come to any other conclusion. Either my theory is correct, the correct theory will not be written, or God is in charge of everything. Just read was the choices I gave myself, and for now I am about to stick with my final thoughts. My goal now could be to share my theory with the world, and hope that it is a good one. I believe that this theory neatly ties together all of the lose ends of existence. I also believe that it is every bit as good as the Big Bang Theory. With a clear understanding of our starts, we will be able to gain full insight into the inner functions individuals reality. I would also like to add i always refer to my speculation as a theory because I believe most, if not all, of the evidence to get the Big Bang can also be used to support my speculation.

The Nothing Universe

We are all familiar with our human notion of nothing. When a bottle is empty, we say; “Nothing is in it”. We know that this is not actually the case. What we are referring to is the fact that what we thought should be in the bottle is no longer there. In order for nothing to truly be in the bottle, the bottle itself it is fair to include a vacuum. A vacuum is the complete absence of matter. This would be a perfect vacuum. Space is not a perfect vacuum, and it is difficult to say if a perfect vacuum can even exist. Regardless a vacuum is the true notion of nothing, but it is not the actual form of nothing. What I am saying is which our notion of nothing and the true form of nothing are two different things. The actual state of there’s nothing neutrality. A balance between charges in a perfectly arranged atom. This perfect atom I have named the Nothing Atom. This nothing atom comprises both matter and anti matter dust joined together and separated by neutrons. The nothing atom comprises the proton, the neutron, the electron, as well as their anti matter counterparts. All of them are locked together and kept from destroying each other by neutrons. I have no idea the arrangement of these dust in this perfect atom, but that is less relevant. All that is important is the concept that they are all locked together in this one perfect Nothing Atom. The electron and the positron do not wipe out each other, because they occupy different orbital lobes. Again, I not understand the arrangement of this atom; only that it existed. No matter what perfect arrangement is, this perfectly fairly neutral Nothing Atom is the only thing that existed in the pre-universe and composed infinity entirely. No free spce existed between these atoms. There was no motion and there for no time, but we can use the concept of infinity to give us an idea of the state of the universe up until the of the event.

So nowadays we have the perfect nothing universe composed entirely of the fairly neutral and perfect Nothing Atom. All energy is locked up tight in the form of dust making up this nothing universe. This is the state of the pre-universe (Nothing Universe) in all directions to infinity. Now, here comes the major dilemma of my theory. Perhaps it was Nuclear Fission or some unknown process native to this one particular form of matter? Something had to happen in just one of these perfect Nothing Atoms to lead it to destabilize starting a stringed reaction. Is the Nothing Atom a very heavy element, inwhich fission would add up or is it smaller and some other reaction occurred? Of this I am undecided. What I do know is that something had to make a destabilization of one of the dust within the atom to lead to an irreversible stringed reaction that would lead to the birth of the known universe. I refer to this as the EVENT.

The case

The case represents the moment when the reaction began, and our universe began to grow through this sea of atoms. Since the laws of physics do not exist, as of yet it is difficult for me to mention conclusively that nuclear fission lead to the case. Spontaneous fission tends to be less common among lighter elements. If it is responsible then the nothing atom is most likely a heavier element. If not then some other process had to cause the case. Whatever the case may be, I have come up with a theory to elucidate why it had to happen in relation to the concept of probability. Statistically speaking, one it is fair to assume that when you are dealing with infinity; the probability of one event occurring is one in infinity. Frankly that if an event can occur, however improbable; the opportunity still exists for its occurrence when infinity is thought of. Together of my former geology mentors, Medical professional. Eastler, used to say, “It didn’t have to happen, but it had to happen. inches Once this one fairly neutral Nothing atom destabilized, it set into motion a stringed reaction that would lead to the greatest single huge increase that will ever occur in the history of reality. Some may call it “the Big Bang”, I call it; “The Event”.

This is not a singularity exploding into existence, this is an atom leaving a stringed reaction in a sea of perfect atoms. This reaction is instant and is, I believe, the only event currently occurring in our universe at a speed greater than that of the speed of light. This is why we do not see the light emanating from this expansion individuals universe. I propose that if we could travel fast enough and far enough out into space we would eventually come to a wall of energy moving away from us. I would call this the “Event Horizon” but that name is taken so i will refer to it as the “Creation Wave”. This wall of energy is the boundary between our universe and the nothing universe. On the reverse side of this wall of energy is the universe as it existed before the event. An endless sea of perfect nothing atoms awaiting their turn to be annihilated by the impending “Creation Wave”. This means that our universe is still being created as you read this, and will continue to be created for everlasting nature. This may also explain certain observations which our universe is not slowing down, but increasing as it increases outward. The creation samsung wave s8500 is essentially pulling the matter behind it outward due to the ongoing expansion, and or the immense gravity of the nothing universe on the reverse side of the creation samsung wave s8500. Does gravity even exist yet? Do any of the laws of physics exist in the nothing universe? If that were true than our universe would in no way interact with or feel the nothing universe on the reverse side of the creation samsung wave s8500. Even if there were an assets amount of mass on the reverse side. I am presuming that the laws of physics are nullified by the form of the nothing atom. Whatever the case may be the creation samsung wave s8500 is a never ending samsung wave s8500 of break down moving away from the center of the known universe at a mind boggling speed. This expansion also helps to explain why there is so much empty space out there. The universe we know is broadening outward to fill empty space, where empty space had never existed. A universe full of matter and energy in our universe and matter and energy in the anti universe. If an anti universe exists. In this theory i it is fair to account to the lack of anti matter v. s matter in our universe. You’ve got to ask the question, “Where did all of the anti-matter go”?

I have possibilities to offer as to why we are not blinded by and vaporized by the energy released by this process. One possibility is that the mass of the nothing universe on the reverse side of the Creation samsung wave s8500 is far great, that the energy and light from the event is tendency back towards the nothing universe as the Creation samsung wave s8500 moves forward. In that scenerio there it is fair to be some interaction between our two universes beyond the creation samsung wave s8500. The second possibility is that the Creation samsung wave s8500 is so far off from us now that the light emitted from this event cannot reach our region of space any longer. Leaving behind only background radiation as the thumb print to this event. That is not to say that if we develop the capacity to look far enough out into space that we may not catch a overall look or some proof this light, but I highly doubt it. This Creation samsung wave s8500 has been traveling outwards at a speed greater than that of the speed of light for over 15 billion years now. Assuming the universe is 15 billion yrs . old.

Another event may have occurred at the exact moment that the Creation samsung wave s8500 began its long journey outward and forever. A the moment the stringed reaction began not just one, but two universes were born. The first universe is the matter universe and the second universe was the anti-matter universe. These two universes exist on two separate plains that I enjoy refer to as the “Above” and “Below” aeroplanes of existence. The “Central Plane” is where the nothing universe existed in one dimension and in perfect harmony. As soon as the case occurred the majority of anti matter phased into a new dimension, or planes of existence. Similarly all of the matter in our known universe phased into a unique planes of existence. I have designated the matter universe as the Above planes, and I have designated the anti-matter universe the Below planes. These are two separate universes, on that comprises matter, and the other of anti-matter. Again, I would like to only deal with one universe in my theory, but I have to try and explain what happened to all of the anti-matter. There it is fair to be equal parts of matter and anti-matter to be aware of. Then again could only matter craft the perfect atom? Protons, Neutrons, and electrons linked together to form the nothing atom? Perhaps, but I can’t shake the impression that anti-matter is involved somehow.

Another way to possibly picture these two universes as existing simultaneously would be to envision all of the matter arranged the way it is in our matter universe, and then imagining that the anti matter that is arranged in the anti-matter universe as occupying the empty pockets of space in our universe. So, if you watch out into space now in our universe you will notice that there is a lot of empty space out there. The same does work for the anti matter universe. Matter in one universe occupies the empty space of the other universe and vice versa. We perceive it as empty space, because the other universe exists on a different dimensional planes of existence. This is an added possibility.

A link could exist between these two aeroplanes. This link can be found in the form of a black hole. A black holes gravity is so intense that it literally punches a hole into that other dimension. Just as anti matter is spewed out into our dimension from a black hole, I believe that matter is spewed forth from the same black hole into anti-matter space. A black hole may represent a bridge between the two aeroplanes. If you can imagine a matter black hole warping space and creating a wormhole that is connected to its counterpart or anti matter black hole. Perhaps they are one and the same or perhaps they occupy the same space at the same time. These two black holes being linked by a stable wormhole or perhaps black holes are linked with white holes. Perhaps white holes exist in both the matter and anti matter universes as the outlets or the transfer between the two universes.

Black holes share a very common hyperlink to hawaii of the universe in the start and that is its very intense gravitational field. This field exists due to the sheer quantity of matter contained with in a small amount of space. The difference is that there was no free energy in the fairly neutral universe, all energy was locked up in dust contained within the perfect atom. If there were any free space in that fairly neutral universe, no doubt the gravity would be of a strength we have no time before witnessed. A super black hole would pale in comparison.

Hawaii individuals universe today is that of chaos in an unbalanced universe. The same does work in the anti matter universe. The universe that we know today is trying to return to it fairly neutral state. That is why atoms strive for balance. The elements that you can get today are thanks to processes that occurred in stars. In a way our elements were the first things that began to center in our universe, ultimately leading the elements necessary for the advancement of life.

Final thoughts

I cannot say that the universe will never get back to the fairly neutral state of the nothing universe. The fact remains that 15 billion years may be a minute after the event on a wide-spread time scale. Organic meat nevertheless be witnessing the very early stages individuals universes existence. Perhaps one day events will take place in the universe to allow for a pocket of nothing material or fairly neutral matter to form. Is this what a black hole is? Perhaps it will grow slowly over time repairing itself and creating a new fairly neutral universe inside of an ever broadening universe, were all around by the first fairly neutral universe. Perhaps this samsung wave s8500 of balance and chaos has been going on for a time and the space that we are aware of exists between one of these lake. Perhaps the whole thing exists balanced as a samsung wave s8500 of existence and neutrality. These processes taking place on such a scale that we cannot even learn to comprehend the amount of time we are dealing with. Exercise believe that we are living in the first universe and the only one that will exist. The matter and anti matter universes existing on separate dimensional aeroplanes, substituting matter and anti matter with one another through various processes such as black holes, and white holes.

I cannot conceive of this universe ever returning to a balanced fairly neutral nothing universe again. My belief is that we live in this relatively infant universe, the first to exist in infinity, and will exist in infinity from this point on. As i stated before though, you can never rule out possibilities. The possibility that matter in our universe will begin to fold in on itself may occur at some remote point in the future. If the Creation samsung wave s8500 gets far enough away from the center of the universe then perhaps its gravitational influence, if there is one, will drop below that of the influence of not far from galaxies and all matter in between.

The universe could then learn to fold in on itself, reform the fairly neutral universe and the event would occur at some point in an even more remote and mind boggling future. Like I said, I envision our universe as broadening inside of the fairly neutral universe. At the same time the anti matter universe is performing a similar thing without attention planes of existence. Two universe, one to represent the matter universe that we live in and the other in the anti matter universe. One it is fair to assume that the laws of physics would exist in quite similar way in both universes. I have not commenced to think about that question as of yet. I assume it does based on the fact that anti matter should interact quite similar way that matter does in our universe. This is my working theory of the beginning of the universe. It is not concrete, but represents what may have been hawaii of the universe before the beginning.

I also believe that the same evidence that may serve to prove the Big Bang theory may also serve to prove my speculation. The evidence is not wrong, I am not saying that. The evidence was gathered using scientific methods which were conducted over and over in order to come to the same conclusion. The evidence is entirely correct; I maintain that the conclusion that the evidence is assigned to is wrong. I plan on writing a more comprehensive paper presenting the theory of the Nothing Universe if this Speculation is somewhat well accepted. I will then provide scientific findings i always believe will provide more support for my final thoughts than for the Big Bang conclusion. Article Source:

By Ibrahim